Congratulations, 2023 Grant Recipients!

As we continue to celebrate 10 years of giving with Latina Giving Circle, we couldn't be more proud to announce that in addition to our $10,000 grants we will also be awarding two $5,000 grants to additional recipients! In total, that is four organizations and $30,000 being awarded because of the generosity, commitment and support of our LGC Members!

Latina Giving Circle proudly announces that this year’s grant cycle will support returning grantee Barrio Logan College Institute and first-time grantees Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center, The Chicano Federation, and MANA de San Diego. Barrio Logan College Institute and Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center will receive $10,000 grants and The Chicano Federation and MANA de San Diego will receive $5,000 grants. 









Congratulations to the 2023 grantees! We are thrilled to celebrate LGC’s 10 years of giving by giving more than we ever have to four amazing organizations. Thank you to our members for their generosity of time, thought, and resources in making this grant cycle possible!


2019-2020 Grant Cycles

In early 2020, with the support and collective contributions of members, the Latina Giving Circle membership granted out $17,000 in our 2020 Rapid Response Grant Cycle. Recognizing that many immigrant, undocumented, and mixed-status families do not receive the same access to federal and state benefits, the Latina Giving Circle made these grants to organizations that provide direct cash and food assistance to immigrant families impacted by COVID-19 on both sides of the border: The Farm Worker CARE Coalition Fund, Espacio Migrante Fund, Minority Humanitarian Foundation Immigrant Family Relief Fund, PANA San Diego County Refugee Families Emergency Fund, San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium Immigrant Relief Fund and We All Got SD/San Diego County COVID-19 Mutual Aid.

 Minority Humanitarian Foundation

In response to the protests for Black Lives Matter and Black liberation, the Latina Giving Circle partnered with the SDWF Collaboration Committee (SDWFCC) to jointly grant out $56,065 to the following organizations that are supporting racial justice in our community, are led by women, and are supporting Black women and girls: March for Black Womxn San DiegoUnited Women of East Africaand DETOUR

2017-2018 Grant Cycle

The Latina Giving Circle is so proud to announce the grantees of our 2017-2018 grant cycle: Casa Cornelia Law Center and San Diego Organizing ProjectGrantees were selected by majority vote from the current Latina Giving Circle membership for their fit with our current grant focus - serving vulnerable immigrant youth and adults, undocumented and/or deferred status. Casa Cornelia Law Center will utilize the funds to support their legal services for undocumented people. San Diego Organizing Project will direct the funds towards their Rapid Response Network which coordinates community response to dehumanizing immigration activities. We thank all the organizations that responded to our call for applicants and send a special thank you to our members for their contributions towards this grant cycle's success. 

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2016 grantees:

Barrio Logan College Institute and Building Skills Partnership. 

Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI) breaks the cycle of poverty by preparing disadvantaged students to be among the first in their families to attend and succeed in college. 100% of their high school graduates enroll in colleges and universities across the nation. A unique element of their programming includes Círculo de Mujeres. Círculo de Mujeres focuses on the personal development of theLatina students in the program, who meet to discuss a wide array of topics, especially as it relates to their career development. Círculo de Mujeres will use support from Latina Giving Circle to host special gatherings, monthly meetings, identify professional mentors, and other special activities that help the girls connect to their personal histories and gives them a safe and fun space for expression.

Building Skills Partnership (BSP) is a statewide organization that improves the quality of life for low-wage janitors and their families by increasing their skills, access to education and opportunities for career and community advancement. In high-rise buildings and industrial  parks throughout San Diego, thousands of janitors toil through the night to keep workplaces clean. 70% are women, most never finished grade school, and many are struggling to learn English while working long hours for low wages. BSP offers these workers a rare chance to invest in their futures by acquiring workforce and computer literacy training. Through a unique partnership, BSP trains close to 3,000 low-wage janitors a year, primarily in California’s largest cities. With a new training center in San Diego, LGC support will allow BSP to expand its computer literacy programming locally. This support will provide BSP with the resources to replicate its successful workforce training model and computer literacy training in our region.

Have a question about LGC's grantmaking?  Contact Macy Olivas, Chair of the LGC Grantmaking Committee.