About Us

Launched in 2013 the Latina Giving Circle of San Diego is a network of Latinas from across San Diego County who want to come together to create opportunities that connect and give back to the community.

Community members from across San Diego County of all identities are invited to join the Latina Giving Circle and be active members by contributing time, treasure, and talent in ways that are most personally meaningful.

With our first grant round completed in 2016 we were able to award $10,000 to organizations working to advance leadership and career readiness for Latina women and girls.  Over 70 women and men (Latinos and non-Latinos) came together to collectively invest in issues that matter most to the Circle's membership. We recently finished our second grant round in support of organizations serving vulnerable immigrant youth and adults, undocumented and/or deferred status. Find out more about our grants here

Where is the LGC now, and what is next?

The Latina Giving Circle is an exciting work in progress. This is a great time to become involved as we continue to grow our membership and prepare for our third grant round in 2018-2019.  If you are interested in becoming a part of the organizing effort please email us to learn more about the LGC and volunteer opportunities. You can also become a member of the circle by donating and giving a gift that is meaningful to you.